World Menopause Day

18 October 2023

Last year on World Menopause Day, we boldly launched Pause — a functional fragrance with a carefully selected blend of essential oils designed to support hormonal change. Co-created by Abel Founder Frances Shoemack and French Perfumer Dr Fanny Grau, Pause is a response to their own journeys of hormonal change.

Saddened by a society in which perimenopause (the period of hormonal change typically experienced by women in their late 30s to late 40s leading into menopause itself) is only discussed as a signpost for being devoid of vitality, the two women wanted to offer a bold response. Everything Pause embodies, from the rich floral scent profile to the vibrant bottle design reflects their mission; to bring confidence and sophistication to this stage of womanhood — and to open up the conversation around this moment in women’s lives.

“When Fanny and I connected and realised none of our girlfriends talked about, or felt prepared to enter this transitional period, we knew Pause needed to do more than smell amazing. It had to empower and reflect the strong women we knew would want to be part of a new dialogue around perimenopause.” — Frances

When Pause won InStyle’s Best Clean Fragrance in the 2023 Best Beauty Buys Awards, we knew we had created something with both a clear mission and a scent that resonated with those in perimenopause and beyond.

More than symbolic, Pause has functional benefits too. Continuing Abel’s exploration into therapeutic perfume (the same fragrance house that brought us pregnancy-supporting Nurture), essential oils have been carefully selected for their positive impact on hormonal wellbeing*. Luscious Mimosa is the hero for its mood-stabilising properties, Narcissus features for its ability to support sleep, Violet Leaf aids in stress reduction and Hay promotes tranquillity. No other functional fragrance exists to support this chapter of hormonal change and Abel is proud to be the first.

“The inspiration for Pause was very clear to me - it’s an ode to the wise women of the world. Mimosa the hero ingredient is a comforting, mesmerising scent, which to me really represents strength and beauty.” — Dr Fanny Grau

Even for those not nearing this chapter, Pause is a sophisticated, rich floral that will resonate beyond its feel-good properties.

Created to centre, balance, and calm the mind and body during hormonal change. ⁠A confident textured floral for those wanting to join a new dialogue around Perimenopause.