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Absolutely! We always recommend trying on your skin first. Our sample service is the perfect way to test three fragrances from the comfort of your home. Need help choosing? check out our Perfume Guide.

Each Eau de Parfum has a minimum of 15% pure perfume oils. Extrait is 25% concentrate.

Yes. Creating natural perfume that is chic, modern and long-lasting is our raison d’etre. We use a highly concentrated formula of plant-derived natural oils, concretes and isolates, set in a food-grade (non-denatured), organic alcohol base.

You’ll find INCI ingredients on the bottom of our perfume boxes. These aren’t our actual ingredients (e.g. what we ‘add’ to the fragrance) but a regulatory requirement to declare any compounds in the overall fragrance formula (which are naturally occurring) that are potentially allergenic. So unless you have sensitivities, you needn’t worry about the INCI list. You can find the full list of ingredients used for each fragrance on our website.

Like a natural wine, we choose not to filter our fragrances, either with a physical membrane filter (which dilutes and changes the profile of our fragrances), or with chemical filters. Sometimes sediment can develop after an amount of time in the bottle. It’s nothing of concern and doesn’t impact the shelf life of the perfume nor the fragrance profile, it’s just a natural reaction that has taken place.

Moisturising (with a fragrance-free cream or oil) before you apply your perfume as the drier your skin, the more quickly it will absorb the fragrance oils. Perfume applied to your hair and/or clothes will last longer than perfume applied to your skin. Applying to pulse points will also help warm and develop the scent. Just remember, when applied near your nose (i.e. your neck), you become desensitised quickly from the constant smell, so although others will smell your perfume, you won’t.

You can find your unique coupon code in your confirmation email. Check your junk mail if you’re having trouble locating it.

Please check you are using the coupon code for the correct purpose. Your coupon is single-use and only valid on the purchase of a 30mL, 50ML or 100mL bottles. It is valid for one month from purchase, so do make sure it’s not expired. Still having trouble? Contact our customer service team.

You’ll find this inside the Discovery Set box when it arrives.

Your voucher is redeemable online at and in the Fabriek – our store in Aro Valley, Wellington.

This voucher is valid for 3 months and only redeemable against 30mL, 50mL, or 100mL bottles – please check your voucher hasn’t expired and that you’re using it against the correct items.

When you create perfume you are constantly evaluating how the fragrance will wear on the skin and develop throughout the day - the top, heart and base notes specifically. Whereas with home fragrance it's a much more linear process and the focus is around creating a constant scent, that's not reliant on how it interacts with the skin. So you could technically wear it on your skin, but it is not designed for this.

We recommend spraying Room Spray into the open air throughout your interior space. It can also be sprayed directly over robust soft furnishings and natural fibres, such as linen, to prolong the scent. We recommend avoiding direct contact with delicate surfaces or items that cannot be washed easily, such as silk.