One of Abel’s earliest creations, our founder Frances knew that she wanted a scent that would be easily accessible to those not used to natural scents.

The ‘amber’ accord as an olfactory concept arose late in the 19th century when the vanillin compound was first synthesised and blended with labdanum. With modern science now able to synthesise a natural vanillin from Madagascan vanilla extract, Frances and Master Perfumer Isaac set out to create a natural modern amber true to Art Deco Paris and a hedonist’s delight.

It was created using all the hallmarks of a traditional amber, vanillin, labdanum, sandalwood, patchouli, with an Abel modernisation: pink pepper and juniper berry to brighten the top, and cacao and tonka to add a gourmand heart to this sophisticated oriental fragrance.

A perfect introduction to the world of natural fragrances, Frances shares one of her favourite Cobalt Amber moments from it’s launch in London, where a perfume critic announced, “I love it so much I’m willing to forgive the fact that it’s natural!” A backward compliment perhaps, but Frances took heart in the fact that, together with Isaac, they had created a fragrance that had converted a natural perfume skeptic. She says, “I knew if we had him, we would claim others too!”

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“A modern twist on an amber scent with notes of spicy pink pepper and punchy juniper. Sophisticated and sultry, it makes an ideal evening perfume”

“Cobalt Amber is an oriental dream. Sparks of Pink Pepper, Bergamot and Juniper Berry dance around the heart of Amber, Tonka Bean, caramel and balsamic notes – so dense and delicious it almost feels as gooey as loukoum”


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cobalt amber