“My parents photo albums are the start of most of my inspiration.”

Z — Looks. I'm a stylist living and working in New York. Creating looks for brands, magazines, commercial, anything that requires clothing. I also have a book titled Motor, reflecting my passion for images and the ever evolving world around me.

T — Toms Juice, a juice company selling cold-press juices. I have a storefront in East Village and deliver juice around New York on my bike to businesses, production sets, homes and events. My Ginger and Lime shots are now also available in most bodegas and grocery stores.

I create —

Z — My family. They've all played very influential parts in the way I style. My parents photo albums are the start of most of my inspiration.

T — New Zealand and New York.

I’m currently inspired by —

T — Emails, text, captions, subtitles. I struggle to read books. But the Four Agreements was the last book I read.

Z — My emails. I really struggle to get into reading but Power of Now, Celestine Prophecy, those kinda books I can get into.

I’m reading —

T — Finding a balance in everything I do. Working on the business, diet, lifestyle, partying, golf, exercise, relaxing, etc. It's all about balance!

Z — Staying connected with my family in New Zealand, seeing my friends, working out, sleeping, and seeing the sun as much as I can.

I take care of myself by —

Z — It's elite! It's the best in every way.

T — You can't beat it!

I choose natural because —

T — Black Anise is my favourite because it's subtly mean (it's a strong scent in a quiet way).

Z — Black Anise is my favourite because it smells cosy and fresh.

My favourite Abel scent —