A collaboration between Abel and French Perfumer Dr Fanny Grau who expertly paired beautiful heritage natural ingredients with the latest natural science and biotechnology for modern elevated room sprays. Each scent has been created with a specific scene in mind.

Says Shoemack — “Our customers have been asking for Abel in their home almost from day one. Fanny and I have worked with the latest biotechnology and plant science to create a set of three beautiful scents that are not just non-toxic, but will elevate any interior space.”

Scene 01: An energizing scent ritual that brings to life minimalist bright open spaces, Japanese inspired decor and a restrained, natural palette.

Scene 02: A nourishing scent ritual that evokes luminous golden hour sunlight, bringing the outdoor wilderness inside.

Scene 03: The height of quiet luxury, Scene 03 transports you into a world of plush refinement - in our opinion, the ultimate indulgence. 

Spray before entering the room, when guests are due or as a reset ritual during the day. Scent in your home and space brings a dimension to spacial design in a way nothing else can. 

Scent your space with an elevated scent ritual created using 100% natural, plant derived and non-toxic ingredients to bring nature inside in the most elegant way.


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