First of all, why Parfum Extrait? How did it come about?

Scent can have an incredible impact on our emotional stability and sense of wellbeing. Two years ago when covid turned our world upside down, we began hearing from so many of our customers around the world that the way they were wearing perfume had done a complete about-turn. It was no longer about smelling good for others, it was a daily ritual that had wellness at the core – they were spraying their Abel to feel good, grounded, revitalised. This got us thinking… what would an Abel product look like if we led with wellness and therapeutic value. The idea for our parfum extrait line was born.

What makes Abel's Parfum Extrait different?

Traditionally in the fragrance industry, Extrait de parfum is all about the power and throw – the elevator effect. Our version is as much about the therapeutic power as it is about the power of the fragrance. In the natural perfume world, this kind of product would usually be an oil-based scent that doesn’t last long on the skin. We spent over a year in R&D to create an oil and alcohol-free format that is potent (without being obnoxious), silky smooth to apply, and lasts all day on the skin.

How is the Parfum Extrait line part of your day?

Getting to know each of the new scents and their impact on my mood has been such a joy. Golden Neroli (for balance) is a firm fixture at my desk where I find myself applying it when I need a reset or deep inhale. White Vetiver (for energy) has become part of my weekend ritual, I apply it before I head out to yoga for a coffee or a walk. Green Cedar (for vitality) has been in my purse for many months and goes everywhere with me. I’ve even found myself applying Pink Iris (for calm) to my pulse points in the evening before bed – the ultimate self-care.