100% vegan certified perfume

18 January 2023

Since Abel began, we’ve only ever used plant-derived ingredients in our perfume, and have a deep commitment to cruelty-free sourcing, production and testing. It’s why we’re so passionate about sharing every single ingredient we use with our customers – it’s our contribution to improving transparency, and therefore ultimately ethics within the global perfume industry.

Over the last few years, we’ve taken steps to have this cruelty-free approach officially recognised through the Vegan Society. We know it’s important for the category and for our customers that third party accreditation validates our processes and we’re pleased to have achieved all the standards required.

We proudly became officially Vegan Society certified in 2022. This is a standard recognised worldwide that confirms we use no animal products, animal byproducts, or undergo any animal testing in ingredients or final scents. Achieving this accreditation requires lengthy investigation into every aspect of our production. It can be a slow process, but for us, we believe that makes it a more meaningful one.

Instead, each Abel perfume is crafted from a highly concentrated formula of plant-derived natural oils, concretes and isolates, set in a food-grade (non-denatured) organic alcohol base. We value transparency, and this is why all our ingredients are clearly listed for each scent. Explore our ingredients for yourself here.

Why is vegan certification important for perfume? Animal products such as deer musk and  animal secretions have historically been used in perfume making.  While many are thankfully illegal today, in an industry with little-to-no ingredient transparency, certification empowers customers with information and ensures the industry remains committed to change

We hold true to our foundation that beautiful perfume is only made without harm to animals, ourselves, or our planet.

Frances and the Abel team